Smokin' George's BBQ Restaurant is Nanaimo's first and only, restaurant dedicated to the art of creating mouth watering BBQ!

Our philosophy? Focus on BBQ and BBQ alone. As far as Smokin' George is concerned, that is the best way to ensure you have an exceptional experience every time you visit his restaurant. Smokin' George uses his very own BBQ rub and his own secret BBQ sauce. He lovingly slow cooks your BBQ for hours and hours. The result? Tender morsels of moist meat with unparalleled flavour and texture. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Store Hours:

Monday 11-7
Tuesday 11-7
Wednesday 11-7
Thursday 11-7
Friday 11-8
Saturday 11-8
Sunday 11-7

Smokin' George's BBQ
Restaurant and Take-Out

#5 - 4131 Mostar Rd.
Nanaimo BC